Prenatal Massage in Malaga

During pregnancy, especially in the last months of pregnancy, women often suffer from disorders such as back pain, suprascapular area overhead (between the shoulder blades), headaches, poor circulation in the legs, etc. Massage, and especially some specific techniques such as acupressure on certain points of tension and myofascial release exercises help to relieve pain and discomfort caused by the almost constant growth and stretching of tissue, revive and stimulate venous return parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), aiding in relaxation and facilitating deeper breathing and slow, which prepares them for delivery.

My partner has given birth Carolina recently to our beautiful baby Rama (click HERE to read the story of his birth). Received massage throughout pregnancy, which has provided immediate relief in many moments of acute discomfort. This, coupled with the practice of yoga, which she teaches (El Camino en la Tierra), and vegetarian food, has provided the opportunity to enjoy a very healthy pregnancy and bearable. From here I invite you to pamper and take care of yourselves in this very special time in your life. That pregnancy is a period of joy and peace, and delivery an act of love enriching, liberating and, why not, even pleasant.

You can enjoy a good massage to come to our house, where they normally work in a truly welcoming atmosphere, but I also do home visits. Here you have a video that you'll love:

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